Not Even One Inch? Really?

It’s a sad day in Mudville. I was at the gym with the boys the other day and we were doing weights and the machines and having a good time. Then I tried to do a chinup. I couldn’t even pull up an inch. I didn’t think I would be able to go all the way up, maybe half way, but not even an inch surprised me. To much ice cream and not enough chinups I suppose. Is someone my age supposed to be able to do something like that? I am not sure. Apparently someone as fat as me cannot.




Terri and I watched a great biography of John Kennedy this week. It was on PBS’s American Experience. This four hour show was in two parts and had us mesmerized. He started a lot of things in his presidency; Civil rights, nuclear disarmament, Viet Nam war and the space program all started with Kennedy. He didn’t get to finish any of it. We were just barely teenagers when he was killed in Dallas.
This is one of those events where you remember where you were and every November that memory comes back. I came in from gym class to shower and they had the radio on, which was weird. Then we found out why. It was a terrible day at Horace Mann Jr. High School.
I can’t believe it was 50 years ago that this happened. I must be getting really old…


The Month before the Month

August is the month we start getting emails from the sports retailers about buying sweaters. All the swimwear is long gone and the pool floats have been sold out for a month. One summer Jen needed a swimsuit in August, in San Diego, and we had to go to the beach to find one. August in Colorado is when we start thinking about thinking about snowsports. I read my first snow forecast today about the coming winter and whether it would be a good snow season. The big question is (of course), how much will it snow in Colorado?
Open Snow is the website I use for my powder forecasts. Joel Gratz is a great weatherman. He is consistently better than any other snow forecaster here in Colorado. He publishes stats to prove it. AND he is humble…
The winter forecast is dependent on the ocean temperature. We are mostly water on our planet and El Niño and La Niña are terms that we are all familiar with. El Niño is warm water and La Niña is colder water in the Pacific Ocean, on average. Remember the mid-90’s and El Niño? I took a picture of the San Diego River in Mission Valley and the Padre Dam was completely submerged. Bank to bank water in the San Diego River, who could have predicted that?
My weatherman, Joel, has coined the term: La Nada. This year the ocean temp is average.This year the forecast is Nada. It could be good and it could be average and it could be bad. So is that a forecast? Actually, in August it is. Who can predict a good snowpack in August? One year the snow slams southern Colorado and Wolf Creek opens earlier that ever and Keystone, in central Colorado, the snow is below average.
Good snowmaking is the only thing that saved Keystone’s early season that year. Good snowmaking is what extends Colorado’s season by over a month. Thanksgiving is usually my first journey to the mountains with my board but the resorts have been open for weeks.
It is a common phenomenon that after a couple of months of a particular type of weather, we start wishing for different weather. I like 90 degree days, but now I am wishing for cooler fall weather. When I think of autumn, I start thinking about winter because winter is when I get off my rear and actually participate in a sport I love, snowboarding. So I am thinking about thinking about the ski season.